A Moment of Failed Accountability

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

By Jason

The Biggest Loser is must see TV at our house each Tuesday night.  Not only is it a show that is safe for children to watch, but it's a great learning and teaching experience each week.  The show is about transformation, excercise and getting healthy--all great messages.

Since we study accountability so closely at Bulletproof Talent, I was struck last night in the Biggest Loser to see a brilliant…

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Webinars: Reality-Based Engagement Overview

Friday, March 23, 2012

Based on requests to provide more opportunities to learn about our new approach to employee engagement, we are pleased to announce two new upcoming webinars.  

Employee engagement surveys haven't been living up to their promise of driving company results.  Traditional surveys ignore the reality that the true driver of engagement and results is personal accountability.  Our Reality-CheckTM Survey is where accountability and engagement connect.  If you are interested in exploring a powerful new approach to engagement…

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People are Talking

Monday, March 05, 2012

Any time you've got something new to talk about, you can get carried away.  We have a new company to talk about.  And, we have a new product that we think could change how employee engagement is measured and managed.  And we are excited.  So, it can be pretty tempting to talk endlessly about our new stuff and, sadly, to risk over doing it.  We are doing our best not to let that happen.  But we do love telling…

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