Judging a situation in terms of right or wrong instead of fearlessly confronting what actual is.

A description of an individual who can succeed in spite of any circumstance.  Bulletproof people can overcome setbacks and obstacles without missing a beat or sacrificing results.   

The unnecessary emotion and energy created by employees within the workplace that (at best) adds no value to their work and (at worst) corrodes the morale and performance of the team.

The amount of drama than an individual contributes to their workplace.

Current Performance + Future Potential –(3 x Emotional Expense)

The degree to which your best employees are giving you extra effort, advocating for your company to others, and planning to stick around to help the company grow.

The practice of working on the people.  Leadership is about winning heart and minds by consistently calling employees up to greatness by insisting on and investing in their growth and development.   Leadership is working on the overall willingness, morale, and capacities of employees rather than micromanaging their daily activities.

Taking a limitation from the external environment, internalizing it, exaggerating and bolstering it in our imaginations until we are shackled by the belief that this limitation is real.

The practice of working on the business--counting things and focusing on the small picture.   Management involves spending significant amounts of time trying to control and direct the day to day activities of their people.

The individual mindset that results happen because of one’s own actions.  Personal accountability manifests when an individual is resilient, committed to results, takes ownership of their impact, and strives to continuously learn. 

The mindset to accept whatever happens at face value without assigning judgment or value and simply focusing on taking the next helpful action.

An individual who helps others change their mindsets, knowing that beliefs--not circumstances--are the greatest predictor of results.

The happy by-product of working in a reality-based organization with bulletproof people. 

The judgment and beliefs we added to whatever actually happened.  The stories we created are where stress and drama in the workplace originate.