The Reality-Based Engagement Process

Once you’ve decided to implement Reality-Based Engagement in your organization, our team will guide you through a four-phase process to set up and execute our engagement survey.    

1. Design

During this phase, we work with your team to configure the Reality-CheckTM survey for data collection.  The survey consists of 49 core survey items for engagement and accountability, 3 standard open-ended and up to 5 custom questions.   In design, we will determine what external benchmarks and custom demographics you would like to add to ensure that the final data is robust and fulfills your needs. 

2. Collection

This is when the survey is open for employees to complete.  Typically, the survey is open for 10-15 business days.  You will be able to monitor the survey response and completion rates in real time as we collect data.

3. Analysis

Once the survey is closed, the data is prepared for analysis and reporting.  Once the data is ready, you will be given full access to your data to begin your own analysis.  In addition, the Bulletproof Talent team will perform a deep analysis of your engagement and accountability scores.  Based on this analysis, we will present to you an executive summary of your organization’s results.   

4. Planning

In addition to the Executive Summary of results, we also present you with a series of recommendations for future action plans based on the results.  These action plans will guide your next steps on how to positively impact organizational performance.  We will also provide some initial Reality-Based Engagement training and coaching to your managers and leaders.  Reality-Based Engagement is about more than improving engagement scores, it’s about improving results.