Engagement without Accountability is Chaos

Not all employees are created equal.  All leaders know that.  Some employees are driving your business results and others are just collecting a paycheck.  The opinions of these very different employees shouldn’t be treated as equal when it comes to how to manage your business.  That would be insane.

The opinions of employees with strong personal accountability who are committed to results and seek continuous improvement are highly credible.  They take responsibility for results even when they miss the mark.  When these employees speak, you should listen intently to what they say. 

In contrast, you have employees who act like entitled victims.  They focus solely on what they don’t have and blame others when things don’t go as planned.  Their opinions about how to run your business simply aren’t credible and should be discounted. 

The key to turning employee engagement and satisfaction survey efforts into results is focusing your energy on engaging your most valuable, accountable employees, not all employees.   We can show you how.