Our Reality-Based training programs and seminars teach individuals and teams how to practice Reality-Based Leadership in different aspects of their work.  These programs are each available in multiple formats from one hour summary programs and webinars to in-depth, multiple day workshops. 

Reality-Based LeadershipTM

Description:  We lay the foundation of Reality-Based Leadership.  Participants learn how to practice the core fundamentals of this revolutionary approach including the five central competencies: personal accountability, reality-based thinking, organizational alignment, capitalizing on change, and driving for results.

Who should attend: This content is designed for those who have responsibility for leading and managing the work of others, from senior executives to front-line supervisors. 

Reality-Based EngagementTM

Description:  We help managers learn to harness personal accountability as a more effective way to drive both engagement and results from their teams.  Participants learn how to finally get results from all of the energy they put towards driving employee engagement. 

Who should attend: This content is designed for the managers within organizations who regularly invest in employee engagement efforts.  It is also a part of our Reality-Based Engagement process (link back to R-B Engagement Page). 

Reality-Based ChangeTM

Description:  We give leaders and employees the tools to embrace change and take drama out of the process.  By adopting a reality-based approach, organizations and individuals can learn to thrive in changing times. 

Who should attend:  Our change content is presented in two different ways.  The first is designed to help leaders understand change and their role making change efforts successful.  The second is designed to impact the individual mindset about change so it is appropriate for broad audiences with employees at all levels.

Reality-Based TeamsTM

Description:  We help teams eliminate the noise and drama that gets in the way of their performance.  We teach teams how to succeed in spite of differences and embrace accountability as the key to breakthrough performance. 

Who should attend:   These programs are designed specifically to enhance the performance of teams.   We show teams how to apply reality-based concepts like accountability and organizational alignment to transform their results. 


Description:  For when you want to provide your management meeting or event with a dose of Reality-Based Leadership.  Cy and Jason are accomplished and engaging keynote speakers who deliver amazing presentations. 

Who should attend: These messages can be catered either broadly to all levels or specifically to an audience of experienced leaders.