Richard Runnels

Rich is the guy at Bulletproof Talent who brings everything together and makes it work.  He consults, sells, trains and, most importantly, plays the role of operational guru for us and our clients.  Rich leverages his extensive experience as a successful corporate executive to help our clients implement reality-based solutions to their leadership challenges.  Rich’s track record demonstrates the power of living personal accountability.  He has seen it all and found ways throughout his career to deliver results, in good situations and bad. 

There aren’t a lot of areas in business where Rich doesn’t have experience.  His executive career spanned roles from engineering and product management to finance and business development.  He has overseen international business acquisitions, green-field manufacturing startups, manufacturing plant consolidations, and multi-national product launches.  He has even led ERP conversions and several large-scale lean improvement projects with Fortune 100 companies.  He recently oversaw multi-national teams in 9 countries as Vice President of Business Development, Sales and Marketing for a global manufacturing company.   He has a BS in Chemical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration.