Once in a while, we get really excited because we have something cool or important to share.  And since it’s impossible to pick up the phone and call everyone we’d like share this new insight with, we write white papers.  Our white papers are probably a little less formal and a lot more useful than others you’ve seen.  When you click download here, this is what you will get: practical and though-provoking leadership insights without the fluff or boredom too often found in white papers.  We hope that you will enjoy them.  And if you do, feel free to share them with your friends. 

Accountability is NOT a Dirty Word

Someone stole the meaning of accountability and turned it into a dirty word.  We are taking accountability back.  Accountability is the key to unleashing performance within our organizations.  In this white paper, you will learn what true accountability looks like and how to start developing it within your organization.  

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Fixing Human Resources

Human Resources has never been more vital to our organization's success.  And yet, most HR initiatives just aren't delivering the results they promise.  Within this white paper, you will learn what is missing from HR processes and how to begin fixing four of the most broken: performance appraisals, employee engagement surveys, individual development plans and employee relations. 

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