Sometime in the late 80’s, Cy Wakeman was promoted to her first management job.  Little did they know at the time, but that single decision would change leadership forever.  Initially, Cy just couldn’t fall into line with traditional management practices.  She kept getting hung up on the fact that much of what she was asked to do contradicted reality.  That wasn’t okay with her.

So, Cy experimented with a revolutionary new approach to leadership and employee engagement.  Instead of working to perfect the circumstances of her employees, she instead helped them develop a reality-based mindset grounded in personal accountability.  Through this new mindset, her employees became seemingly bulletproof to anything that might happen to them.  They begin to succeed and deliver results in spite of their circumstances.

Reality-Based LeadershipIn 2010, Cy published her ground-breaking leadership book, Reality-Based Leadership.  Then, in 2011, fueled by requests to help organizations develop their own bulletproof workforces, Bulletproof Talent was born. 

We are in the business of helping motivated leaders drive results through management and human resources practices that really work because they are grounded in reality and accountability.  Our solutions include a revolutionary new way to approach the employee engagement survey, reality-based leadership training, and consulting services.