What is Reality-Based Leadership?

We live in challenging times. This isn’t anything new.  We have been in challenging times in the past and we will face challenging times again in the future. But here’s our reality check.  The fact that times are challenging is not the source of our pain.  In our businesses, the pain we feel is coming from the absence of great leadership rooted in reality. 

It’s time to admit that our way of leading isn’t working.  It’s not creating the results or the quality of life that we desire.  It is time for a new type of leader.  We need leaders who can change mindsets and cultivate accountability instead of trying to perfect circumstances.  We need leaders who refuse to argue with the reality of their circumstances and who teach their followers to do the same.  We need Reality-Based Leaders. 

A Reality-Based Leader quickly and radically accepts the reality of any situation so they can take action and make decisions that conserve precious team energy and then focus that energy instead on delivering results. Reality-Based Leaders anticipate future change, welcome it and then capitalize on the opportunity it presents without drama or defense, they are bulletproof.  

Reality-Based Leaders deliver results without the drama, chaos, and politicking that has become far too common in our workplaces today.  They develop bulletproof people who consistently make results happen no matter how challenging the times may be.  

Reality-Based Leadership will transform
yourorganization through the cultivation
of five leadership competencies:
  • Personal accountability
  • Reality-based thinking
  • Organizational alignment
  • Capitalizing on change
  • Driving for results

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